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Vespa World Days Suisse - 2023
June 15th - June 18th 2023

1 - Summary 

The annual gathering of the international Vespa scene will return to Switzerland in 2023, unanimously requested by the Vespa Club of Switzerland and the affiliated clubs.
The event will take place from Thursday the 15th of June 2023 until Sunday the 18th of June 2023.
The Vespa World Days welcomes everyone from the international Vespa scene - the tuners, stylists, mods, scooter girls, scooter boys and of course riders of all Vespa models whether classic or modern!
You will find further information on the official website:

2 - Organization and location Organization

The  association  is  led  by  active  Swiss  Vespa  riders  (Core-Team)  and  is supported by the Vespa Club of Switzerland and its affiliated clubs and has the trust of the Vespa World Club. 

Our trusty and supportive partner is the local event company Jungfrau World Events GmbH (JWE), a company which already has a lot of experience in organising big events in this region. As the organising committee of the Vespa World Days, we will only try to use local companies for this event.

The  venue  is  located  in  the  municipality  of  "Matten",  on  the  grounds  of Jungfraupark You can also find an overview on the website:

There will be food, stalls and various live bands, DJs and more.

3 -

Please refer to the FAQs, which are part of this document.

The key points:

Who may participate?

All official members of a Vespa Club belonging to the respective umbrella organisation of the country may participate.

How can I register?

Registration is done via the official registration tool of the Vespa World Club.

Each local Vespa Club gets access (user and pass.word) to the registration tool from the respective national club. For further information please contact your Vespa Club. Please do not send us any e-mails regarding your registration, but contact the president of your Vespa Club directly.

Is it possible to register outside the official registration tool?

No, it will only be possible to purchase tickets via the Vespa World Club registration tool.

When can I register?

The start date for registration will be announced by the VWC and the national presidents will then pass on this information to the members about a month

before the registration window opens.

How many tickets are available?

We are currently planning 1,800 Full Entry tickets and 3,000 Light Entry

tickets. Each country will have a quota of Full Entry tickets. This is to ensure that every participating country is represented at the Gala Dinner.

What is the difference between a Full Entry and a Light Entry ticket?

The scope of services of the tickets is identical except for the participation in the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening. Participation in the Gala Dinner is not included in the Light Entry Ticket.

Full-Entry: 150.- Swiss Francs | Light-Tickets: 95.- Swiss Francs.

How can I pay for the ticket?

Payment can only be made by bank transfer (all fees must be paid by the sender). Detailed instructions will be given at the same time as the registration tool is opened.

Will the ticket price I paid be refunded if I am unable to attend the VWD Suisse 2023 despite having purchased a ticket?

A paid ticket price will not be refunded in the event of non-participation.Tickets are non-transferable.

With the completion of the nomination, the full amount is due and a cancellation is no longer possible. The nominator is responsible for the transfer of the total amount in Swiss francs. We will only release the tickets once we have received the full amount. Important: The transfer will be made in Swiss francs and the expenses will be borne by the sender.

4 - Registration includes


Access to the Vespa Village for the duration of the event, goodie bag, secure parking, entertainment, major ride, excursions, Gala Dinner on Saturday evening at the Congress KursaalInterlaken


Access to the Vespa Village for the duration of the event, goodie bag, secure parking, entertainment, major ride, excursions. No Gala-Dinner included.

5 - Other Rules

The organization reserves the right to change the program if necessary at any time.

By registering and confirming the registration, participants accept the terms and conditions of this event (contained in this document and FAQs.

People who are members of a VWC member club registered for this event accept that their details are correct and are provided voluntarily.

Participants explicitly and unreservedly accept the rules, guidelines and conditions contained in this document.

In addition to common sense, T&Cs apply! A few points stand out:  

Security staff must be strictly obeyed. You are NOT allowed to ride your Vespa on the camping or camper

site. A secure car park is available. This can only be entered with matching band and number on the Vespa. 

The Vespa Village may only be entered with valid admission. Food and drinks are only allowed from the official sales stands in the Vespa-Village. Violations will lead to exclusion and expulsion. The right to legal steps is reserved. 

The rules of the road in Switzerland are strict. They apply on and next to the festival area. Please keep to the legal and signed speed limits. Fines are hefty in Switzerland! 

The currency on the festival site is Swiss francs (CHF). There are various ATMs and exchange facilities in Interlaken. Otherwise, the daily exchange rate is CHF. - EURO. 

If you use the camping or camper van site, please keep the site clean and also make sure that other participants are not disturbed, especially at night/early morning.

You can find the opening hours on our website.


Day guests and day parking

Marked parking spaces are available for day guests arriving by car. Parking spaces for Vespas or other mopeds/bikes are available free of charge. Please follow the instructions of the security staff. 

Day guest admission: CHF. 35.- per person 

Day parking: CHF. 10.- per car

6 - Insurance

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants!