Vespa World Days-Suisse 2023

The annual meeting of the international Vespa scene is to be held again in Switzerland in 2023, at the unanimous request of the Vespa Club of Switzerland and affiliated clubs.

The event is planned to take place from Thursday, June 15, to Sunday, June 18, 2023. Experience shows that between 4,000 and 6,000 Vespa enthusiasts will gather for a colourful get-together at the meeting.

The first international Vespa meeting took place in Paris in 1954. A year later saw the first «Eurovespa» in San Marino. In 2007, this event was renamed «Vespa World Days» (VWD) and has been carried out under different management to date in different places in Europe (participants coming from as far afield as Asia, Australia and America). In addition to simply reaching the destination all together, a varied supporting program and good food play a central role at the «Vespa World Days»

«Vespisti» like to exchange information about their travels and mechanical projects, discuss the Vespa world, ride out, buy spare parts, basically having fun together while discovering and enjoying the cultural and culinary highlights of the venue.

The «Vespa World Days» are designed for everybody involved in the international Vespa scene from the mechanic, to the tuner, the stylist, the mod, the scooter boy, to drivers of modern as well as classic Vespas – basically for every Vespa enthusiast worldwide! We would, therefore, like to let the people of Interlaken and the entire Oberland region share our passion and spend some happy days together in this stunningly beautiful area.

The association «Vespa World Days Suisse - 2021» (2023), based in Zurich, acts as sponsor. We have the support of the Vespa Club of Switzerland and affiliated clubs, as well as the trust of the Vespa World Clubs.


A very important section of the «Vespa World Days» is the arrival of the participants from various countries at the event location. 

Here the «Vespisti» can meet up with old acquaintances, make new friends, talk Vespas and exchange ideas.

The event location in Interlaken offers the ideal location for various attractions of the «Vespa World Days» and is open to all visitors. Whether you would like to absorb a little Italianità, have a bite to eat, or attend one of the concerts, everyone is welcome.

ne of the highlights of the annual «Vespa World Days» is always the «Major Ride-Out» on the Saturday.

This leisurely group tour with several thousand Vespas along Lake Thun to Thun will be an unforgettable experience for all «Vespisti» and guests.

In addition to the «Gymkhana», the skill course on the festival grounds where the participants can show off their riding skills, the «Concours d’Elégance» is held in the centre of Interlaken.

On the theme of the 50s and 60s, both Vespas and their riders will be presenting themselves in a suitably contemporary look to be judged by a jury.

For interested visitors, there is also a visit to the specially designed Vespa Museum where a host of beautiful vehicles, presented in a pleasantly designed setting, will amaze, besides the opportunity to have any questions

Vespa excursions in small groups (20 to 30 people) to the local sights are popular activities, in which participants will get an unforgettable impression of the beauty of the region.

With the local event company «Jungfrau World Events GmbH» (JWE), we have a reliable partner with extensive experience in organizing large events in their region to support us in the implementation of the event.

s the organizing committee of the «Vespa World Days Switzerland - 2023», we aim to integrate local companies into the event. The organizing committee is also convinced that the «Vespisti» will bring back with them to their own countries what they have experienced here, the unique beauty of the landscape and the hospitality of the entire region.

Some visitors to the «Vespa World Days Switzerland - 2023» will surely return to Interlaken at a later date to explore the Bernese Oberland on their own.

The Vespa World Club, Vespa Club of Switzerland and the Piaggio company, are supporting this event with help and advice, and look forward to these four days in the heart of Europe.

The central organizing committee consists of six people who will run the event together with the Swiss Vespa Clubs and JWE.

The following people are responsible for the individual areas:

LeadWolf Kammerlander, Vespa Club Zürich

IT&Technic: Chistoph Lüthi, President Vespa Club Zürich

Finances:  Andreas Loretz, Vespa Club Zurich

InfrastructureRobert Painsy, President Vespa Vintage Club, Vespa Club Zürich

Programme: Christian Steger, Vespa Fan Club, Honorary President Vespa Club Bern

Graphics: Silke Küste, Vespa Club Zürich

Links: Official web address of the event Vespa World Days-Suisse 2023

www.vespaclub.cWebsite of Vespa Club of Switzerland

www.vespaworldclub.coWebsite of Vespa Club of Switzerland

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