Camping / Parking / Day guests

Opening hours

Wednesday, 14.06.2023 - 12:00 p.m. to Sunday, 18.06.2023 - 16:00

Tents and mobile homes are welcome. The campsite and camper van site are in the immediate vicinity of the Vespa Village.

Important note: The camping site is open from Wednesday, 14.06.2023, 12:00 for all those who have registered in advance! Box office and arrival are only possible between 12:00 and 20:00 on this day. Later arrivals cannot be accepted. Parking on the grounds is not possible!

Normal operations will start on Thursday, 15 June 2023, 09:00.

We ask for your understanding.

Driving on the camping area by Vespa and any other scooters/vehicles is NOT permitted. Vehicles must be parked in the secured parking lot. Violation of this could lead to expulsion from the site. Please help to ensure that the site is left clean and tidy when leaving.

Above all, the instructions of the security staff must be followed and please respect the presence of other campers at all times. 

Camper vans

Camper vans/mobile homes are all vehicles that can accommodate several people, i.e. classic motorhomes, converted buses, station wagons, etc. Caravans and the like are also considered mobile homes.

There are separate toilet facilities in the mobile home park. Shower facilities are available on the campsite. 

There is no water connection or grey water disposal on the camping or camper site!

Important: In order to access the power supply, you will need your own extension cable to the power distributor. No extension cords are sold on site. 

Parking of mobile homes (according to the above definition) is not permitted in the visitor car park, nor may they be parked on the festival campsite. Mobile homes can only be placed in the mobile home area. Thank you for your understanding. 

Tickets for overnight stays in tents or mobile homes should be purchased directly when registering. Corresponding tickets can also be purchased on site.


The prices are valid for the entire duration of the event from 14 to 18.06.23. Individual days cannot be purchased. No refunds can be given on cancellation. 

Tent Per person: CHF 60 (incl. use of shower & toilet facilities) 

Mobile home (according to above definition) - Per person: CHF 90 (incl. electricity and use of shower & toilet facilities) 

For two people in a tent, therefore, it will cost a total of CHF 120, or a total of CHF 180 in a mobile home.


Long-stay parking is available from Wednesday, 14.06.2023, in a specially dedicated parking space but leaving is only permissible once (for departure). 

If a car parked in the long-stay car park is also needed during the event, day parking must then be booked for the following days and the car should be parked in the day car park. 

There will be no day parking for trucks/buses. 

Long-stay car parking

CHF 30 (once in/once out) 
Car with trailer = truck/bus so CHF 60

Long-stay parking for trucks/buses, etc.

CHF 60 (once in/once out)

Day guests and day parking

Marked parking spaces are available for day guests arriving by car. Parking spaces for Vespas or other mopeds/bikes are available free of charge. Please follow the instructions of the security staff. 

Day guest admission: CHF. 35.- per person 

Day parking: CHF. 10.- per car


Please recycle and leave as little waste as possible. A rubbish bag can be acquired for a deposit of CHF 10.- when registering. Deposit is refundable on return. 

Camping or hotel?

Camping with a mobile home or tent is also possible other than on the festival site. At you will find all the surrounding campsites with attractive offers. 

Unfortunately, there are no more accommodations in the immediate vicinity. Maybe "Interlaken Tourismus" can help you?

Interlaken Tourismus:+41 (0)33 826 53 01 or via the website

Liability: Please note that insurance is the responsibility of the participant.